[NTG-context] Interactive table of content -- jumps always 1 page too far

Rob Heusdens robheus at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 31 17:42:40 CET 2015

> Hi Rob,
> there is a minimal sample:
>     \setupcolors[state=start]
>     \setupinteraction[state=start, focus=standard]
>     \setupinteractionscreen[width=fit]
>     \definecombinedlist[content][all]
>     \setuphead[part][placehead=yes]
>     \starttext
>     \completecontent
>     \dorecurse{5}
>     {\part{Part}
>         \input zapf
>     \chapter{Chapter}
>         \input zapf
>     \section{Section}
>         \input zapf
>     \subsection{Subsection}
>         \input zapf}
>     \stoptext
> It doesn’t show what you meant, the link destination is not on the
> heading itself, but on the next paragraph.
> I think this should be improved. And I guess it goes unnoticed, because
> after clicking on a link, the browser fits view to page.
>> Can anyone guid me on where to look or what to try to solve this nasty
>> problem?
> All you can do is to copy your file to a temporary version and start
> commenting commands from the preamble in that temporary version.
> This is trial and error. Remove individual commands from preamble,
> compile the document and check the error.
> When the error dissapeared, you have probably found its cause. If you
> report it to the mailing list, people will tell whether it is a bug or
> your code needs improvements.
> Don’t do any other changes to that temporary file. After the bug
> hunting, you should delete that file.
> Sorry, but (I’m afraid) this is the best way I know to hunt undefined
> bugs.
> I hope it helps,
> Pablo
> --
> http://www.ousia.tk
> ____

The code looks likes this, but this examples does not exhibit the same
faulty off-by-1-page interactive page jump behaviour. In the chapters in
the body matter, always directly after a new chapter a section begins (in
this example omitted).

Small title
\stoptitlepagemakeup % <- empty page inserted after here, so page number
becomes 5
\setcounter[userpage][5] % <- without this, the page number = 3
\chapter{Introduction} \dorecurse{4}{\input zapf}
\dorecurse{21}{\chapter{Knuth} \dorecurse{10}{\input knuth}}
\chapter{Appendix} \dorecurse{4}{\input zapf}
\chapter{Notes} \dorecurse{4}{\input zapf}

I'ĺl start trying \enabletrackers...

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