[NTG-context] inline footnotes

mf massifr at fastwebnet.it
Fri Jan 30 22:44:59 CET 2015

> Hi Massi,
> Could you possibly provide a small pdf sample that illustrates exactly
> what you are looking for? Thanks and 
> Best wishes 
> Idris

Thanks for your reply, Idris. Here's an example:

*** traditional (stacked) footnotes ***

1. This is the text of the first footnote
2. This is the text of the second footnote

*** inline footnotes (one paragraph for all the footnotes) ***

1. first footnote --- 2. second footnote --- 3. the third
footnote, extending to the next line --- 4. fourth one

*** footnotes in columns in ConTeXt (\setupfootnotes[n=3]) ***

1. first footnote     2. second one         3. third one
4. fourth one, hy-    phenated

"Inline footnotes" are good when you have a lot of short notes,
that would eat a lot of vertical space, and sometimes other
longer footnotes.
I've put an m-dash as a separator, but you could use a wide
space or another separator.

Footnotes in columns are good if they are ALL shorter than
the column width.

The LaTeX package "footmisc" provides the "inline footnotes"
by the option "para". But, if I understand right, LaTeX packages
are not compatible with ConTeXt.

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