[NTG-context] Grey background for pages belonging to last section of every chapter

Rob Heusdens robheus at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 30 16:13:29 CET 2015

Hello list,

For the last section of every chapter I want a grey background for the
text, which otherwise should look the same as every other section, except
that it starts on a new page (I can set that by defining my own section

The last section summarizes the chapter.

My current implementation is using a frame:


And use it as:

\section{Last section}

\item ...

But this does not accomodate sections longer then a page. And I can't
place \page command in the middle of an itemize, and using \stopitemize,
\startitemize[continue] makes the pages vary in sizes.

Is there some way to achieve the desired effect (grey background behind
the text, and otherwise page layour identical to other sections) without
the problem that text exceeds the page size?



PS. The defined frame is also used elsewhere, but the last section should
in fact not have normal alignment like the other sections.

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