[NTG-context] bibliography: alignment of first hanging lines in publications list, hyphenation

Jörg Weger joerg73.muc at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 29 04:36:55 CET 2015

I looked in the wiki for “descriptions” and found this:


I played around a lot with the parameters from there in \setupbtxlist, 
but the problem remains. The only way to get hanging indentation is 
\setupbtxlist[alternative=hanging] and no matter what else I change the 
respectively first lines of every publications list entry are not 
aligned to the very left of the full text width :(

Maybe it has something to do with the numbering?

If I use \setupbtxrendering[numbering=yes] the numbers are aligned 
properly to the very left while the following beginnings of the entries 
are not. Maybe the problem is that the numbers are only “hidden”, but 
not really “deleted”? (Excuse my probably incorrect use of terminology.)

For comparison I tried the old mechanism again:







Here the hanging first lines of each entry align with the title at the 
very left.

I can live with the actual state of the new mkiv mechanism for now as my 
lecturers’ eyes will be blinded by the remaining perfect ConTeXt layout :)

But in future it would be great to have a real hanging indentation in 
the publications list according to the definition that in hanging 
indentation in contrary to normal indentation all but the very first 
line (which starts as a normal line at the very left) are indented.

Greetings Jörg

PS: By the way, Did I thank you for making this great software freely 
available and for the great quick support on the mailing list?

On 28.01.2015 14:39, Jörg Weger wrote:
> But with
>  > \setupbtxlist[alternative=left,margin=0cm,align={hanging,hz}]
> there is no hanging indentation.
> Isn’t it possible for the first “hanging” line of an hanging indentation
> layout to start exactly on the very left, while the next lines are
> exactly indented?
>  > just the settings of descriptions
> To be honest, i don’t know exactly what you mean by „descriptions“.
> Greetings Jörg
> On 28.01.2015 10:00, Hans Hagen wrote:
>> On 1/28/2015 8:42 AM, Jörg Weger wrote:
>>> Attached are a MWE using plain APA and the corresponding BibTeX file.
>>> (Don’t mind the mistakes regarding series/volumes, I got that working in
>>> my personal setup that overrides plain APA.)
>>> APA style defaults with hanging indents in the publications list.
>>> The respectively hanging first lines of each entry in the publications
>>> list are not properly aligned on the left. (The indented lines are). I
>>> would like all of those first lines to start on the very left of the
>>> textfield.
>>> If I use \hyphenation to prevent e.g. names from being hyphenated those
>>> words might be driven into the right margin.
>>> Hanging punctuation doesn’t seem to work as well.
>>> Is there anything that can be done about that? Or how can the
>>> justification be switched to flush left/ragged right with hanging
>>> indents on the left?
>> \setupbtxlist[alternative=left,margin=0cm,align={hanging,hz}]
>> just the settings of descriptions
>>> Greetings Jörg
>>> PS: And by the way, “\placebtxrendering[criterium=all]” is not working
>>> anymore. I think I had it working before to place all entries from the
>>> BibTeX file into the publications list regardless of their actual
>>> appearance in the text as citations–which was a good way to test only
>>> the publications list’s layout.
>> \placebtxrendering[method=dataset]
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