[NTG-context] bibliography: alignment of first hanging lines in publications list, hyphenation

Jörg Weger joerg73.muc at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 28 08:42:31 CET 2015

Attached are a MWE using plain APA and the corresponding BibTeX file. 
(Don’t mind the mistakes regarding series/volumes, I got that working in 
my personal setup that overrides plain APA.)

APA style defaults with hanging indents in the publications list.

The respectively hanging first lines of each entry in the publications 
list are not properly aligned on the left. (The indented lines are). I 
would like all of those first lines to start on the very left of the 

If I use \hyphenation to prevent e.g. names from being hyphenated those 
words might be driven into the right margin.

Hanging punctuation doesn’t seem to work as well.

Is there anything that can be done about that? Or how can the 
justification be switched to flush left/ragged right with hanging 
indents on the left?

Greetings Jörg

PS: And by the way, “\placebtxrendering[criterium=all]” is not working 
anymore. I think I had it working before to place all entries from the 
BibTeX file into the publications list regardless of their actual 
appearance in the text as citations–which was a good way to test only 
the publications list’s layout.
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