[NTG-context] Announcement: kfreebsd binaries

Alan BRASLAU alan.braslau at cea.fr
Wed Jan 28 04:21:54 CET 2015


Kfreebsd is a Debian/GNU distribution built upon a freebsd kernel
rather than a linux kernel.

I have been building binaries for kfreebsd 64bit and 32bit systems (as
well as both freebsd and linux binaries). However, we do not believe
that anyone is downloading and using these binaries. Unless someone
asks that we continue to provide kfreebsd binaries, we intend on
dropping support for them in the Context standalone distribution. We
shall continue providing both freebsd and linux binaries.


P.S. linux binaries typically suffer from glibc compatibility issues.
We attempt to build them on systems that are old enough (read outdated)
so that they will work for all users. Freebsd does not suffer from such
issues, but kfreebsd binaries do to some extent, making its support
slightly more complicated.

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