[NTG-context] New mkiv bibliographic engine: bug with “Editor”/“Editors” differentiation (?)

Jörg Weger joerg73.muc at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 26 11:07:10 CET 2015

new bibliographic engine: bug with “Editor”/“Editors” differentiation (?)

There seems to be a bug in the new MkIV bibliographic engine regarding 
the differentiation of the “editor” variable into “Editor” (singular) 
and “Editors” (plural) from BibTeX.

I have attached a BibTeX file with only two books, one is a “book” 
naming one “editor” instead of an “author”, the other is of the 
“incollection” type and issued by several editors. In the BibTeX file I 
have used the uninverted names combined with “and”. The same bug applies 
if you delete all but one editors from the “incollection” example.

In the following MWE I have changed the language to English and the 
style to the pure default APA. In English there should be the 
differentiation between “(Ed.)” and “(Eds.)” after the name(s) but only 
the latter applies.

% =============== start of MWE =====================================

\setuplanguage [en]

\mainlanguage [en] 	









\cite[sereno:1994] \\




% =============== end of MWE =======================================

(My ConTeXt version is “2015.01.13 15:54”.)

Greetings Jörg
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