[NTG-context] Can I use mkii and mkiv side by side?

Keith J. Schultz keithjschultz at web.de
Wed Jan 21 12:29:55 CET 2015

Hi Gerben,

Mkii and Mkiv are to different animals and live side by side.

You do not need to change your TeX setup at all!

All you need to do is change the call to start the processing.

Mkiv can be called with the context …
mtxrun -script context …

What I do not know is in what kind of „environment you are working in.
MacOS or Terminal, or Xquartz( aka X11), because you could even install
ConTeXt Standalone! and us it all of them side by side!

If you use the Standalone you need to setup the Paths properly though.
There is a shell script that helps with this if you are working directly in the „Unix“-

If you use TeXShop, it is easy enough, just switch the Engine in the editor.
and typeset!! For TexWorks it should be similiar.

I do not believe there are step by step instructions for going from mkii to mkiv.

To my knowledge most mkii code should run under mkiv!

Yet, you can do many things easier in mkiv than in mkii!

But, I think you know one step: make a copy of your project and work on that!! ;))

Hope this helps

> Am 21.01.2015 um 00:36 schrieb Gerben Wierda <gerben.wierda at rna.nl>:
> I have a finished mkii project and I’d like to be able to export it to a format that can be a start for other distributions (such as epub or the like). For this, I get the impression I need mkiv.
> Now, before I go on trying to move my project to mkiv I have a question. Can I run mkii and mkiv side by side? That is, if I configure my TeX setup for mkiv (I am using MacTeX 2014), can I still fall back to the old setup when I fail?
> Second, is there some step-by-step instruction to move a project from mkii to mkiv?
> G
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