[NTG-context] How to draw this picture?

Rob Heusdens robheus at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 18 00:22:30 CET 2015

I am working on an economic book, which I convert from a paper edition
into a digital edition, which contains some figures I want to recreate
using context or other tool.

In logical terms, the picture represents some economic figures and
visualizes how some figure (e.g. "National income" and the amount) is the
sum of some other figures, in which it can be split up.

In logic terms the figure then explains that:

A can be split up into B and C. B can be split up into D and E. D is F. E
can be split into G,H,I and K.

Graphically this is depicted like a table containing 4 columns and 5 rows,
and the "split into" is drawn as two diagonal lines (one right-up and
another righ down) which shows how the element on the left column is split
up into the elements on the right column using the diagonal lines that
center in the left element, drawn to the right top and right bottom

I worked this out into context as a simple table, and used instead of the
diagonal lines only vertical lines. Which is less expressive, but still
visualizes the splitting sufficiently I hope.

But I would like to rework this picture, using a brace instead of a
vertical line, similar to how in a formula one uses mathcases.

I tried to use mathcases, but it seems mathcases can't be nested??

I was thinking of other solutions, like replacing the vertical line with a
small column in which to put a vertical stretched brace symbol, at the
appriopriate lowered cell, but don't know how the vertical stretch a

What is the best way to code this in ConText? (preferred is to use the
symbol left brace.)




context code now used:

\NC \NC \VL Variabel\\ kapitaal\\ 10 \VL Arbeidsloon v/d\\
productie-arbeiders\\ 10 \NC \AR
\NC \NC \VL  \NC \NC \AR
\NC \NC \VL  \NC \NC \AR
\NC \VL Nationaal\\ inkomen\\ 30 \VL \VL Winst van de\\ industriƫle
kapitalist\\ 10 \NC \AR
\NC \VL \VL  \VL \NC \AR
\NC \VL \VL \VL Commerciƫle\\ winst\\ 3 \NC \AR
\NC Totaal\\ maatschappelijk\\ product\\ 90 \VL \VL Meerwaarde\\ 20 \VL 
Rente\\ 2 \NC \AR
\NC \VL \VL  \VL Grondrente\\ 5 \NC \AR
\NC \VL \NC  \NC  \NC \AR
\NC \VL Vervanging \\ v/h verbruikte \\ constante\\ kapitaal\\ 60 \NC \NC 

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