[NTG-context] Formatting bibliographic inline references and publications list

Jörg Weger joerg73.muc at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 17 07:23:57 CET 2015

Hi Alan

What I am trying to achieve is the following (of which typesetting the 
author’s name is only a detail): setting up an environment that I can 
use for all papers and works that I have to write during my academic 
studies. With the basic layout I am almost done. The main remaining 
problem is to get the bibliographic information details in the 
publications list into the right order for every possible type of 
publication according to the standards demanded by my university 
department which differ from APA style.

You ask what I am looking for:

It would be great to be able at the same time to format every detail of 
information while defining said order.

Defining that order could be done by giving a kind of “maximum case” 
with the exact order of the desired variables and the punctuation and 
blanks between them for every particular type of publication cited. Out 
of that “maximum case” the underlying mechanism would ignore everything 
not needed in the particular case of a certain publication.

In the case of publication type “book” it could be something like:

\setpublicationstyleforlist [type:book] 
[{invertedauthor1}{/}{invertedauthor2}{/}{invertedauthor3}{et al.}{ 
(}{year}{): }{title}{. }{address}{: }{publisher}{.}]

The underlying mechanism would ignore author 2 and 3 if there was only 
one single author. In case of more than 3 authors given the “et al.” 
would be used after naming the first 3 authors.

That system would be perfect, if you could do do the desired typographic 
formatting directly inside that definition:

\setpublicationstyleforlist [type:book] [{\letterspace{\sc 
{invertedauthor}{/}{invertedauthor}{/}{invertedauthor}}{et al.}}{ 
(}{\oldstyle{year}}{): }{\it{title}}{. }{adress}{: }{publisher}{.}]

Accordingly for the inline references:

\setupcitestyle[{\letterspace{\sc{authorlastname}{ et al.}}}{ 

There should be a possibility to invoke a certain citation style you 
have defined from a text file so you would not have to type 
(respectively copy/paste) everything again every time.

The advantage of such a system would be that everybody could define 
exactly what he/she needs.

Would that be very difficult to implement?

Then there are the cases where the definition work has already be done 
in the form of special XML files: Over 7,000 CSL (= citation style 
language) files are listed for download at the citationstyles.org 
website. Pandoc seems to have a way to use CSL files to filter, order 
and format the information from BibTeX files. It would be great if you 
could do that directly inside ConTeXt as well.

\ConTeXtualGreetings :)


PS: I have (as I wrote) defaulted oldstyle numbers for my whole 
environment, so I am not mixing old and normal style.

On 16.01.2015 14:18, Alan BRASLAU wrote:
> We have completely rewritten the bibliography subsystem of ConTeXt
> which is not quite production-ready. It should become easier to create
> custom renderings of bibliography references and publication lists.
> Do you wish to mix old style numbers for the years with normal style
> numbers for volume, number, chapter, page, etc.? If so, would such a mix
> look strange?
> Do you want only the author names in small capitals, or also the
> editor? What about the title, journal, publisher, ... ?
> I suppose all names, but not other text.
> I do not have any suggestion with the use of the "old" bibliography
> module, and the new system is, as I said, not quite ready. But please
> clarify what you are looking for so that we can make this somehow
> possible.
> Alan
> On Fri, 16 Jan 2015 06:08:36 +0100
> Jörg Weger <joerg73.muc at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> I am rather new to ConTeXt and I am momentarily stuck with the
>> following:
>> How can I further format the way an inline reference and a
>> bibliographic reference in the publications list are displayed? For
>> example I would like to display the author(s) in spaced-out small
>> caps (I am using the “letterspace” module). The year should be in
>> oldstyle numbers both in the inline reference and in the publications
>> list. An inline-reference should like this (simulated without BibTeX,
>> letterspacing slightly exaggerated):
>> % ====== MWE ===============================
>> \usemodule[t][letterspace]				
>> \defineletterspace [LSsmcp]			
>> \setupletterspace [LSsmcp][factor=.08, spaceskip=.4em,
>> suppresskern=no,]
>> \starttext
>> \input knuth ({\LSsmcp {\sc Knuth}} {\os 1991})
>> \input zapf
>> \stoptext
>> % ==========================================
>> I have defaulted oldstyle numbers my environment but I would like to
>> get the the small caps working for the author(s) name(s).
>> I messed around with \setuppublications and \setupcite without
>> success. Is there a way to invoke such formatting in those setups?
>> Greetings
>> Joerg

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