[NTG-context] context -> docx ??

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Wed Jan 14 21:15:38 CET 2015

On 01/14/2015 06:55 PM, Alan BRASLAU wrote:
> Using ConTeXt (not emacs, markdown, or other such things...) you can
> indeed export to xml, xhtml, and create epub files.
> [...]
> The xhtml file can be read in a browser.
> (some tools seem to have problem with the hyphen=yes option)

I don’t know whether it makes sense to add discretionary hyphens to
texts, ewhen a browser can hyphenate it

This would make also searching harder.

And my experience with ePub readers (Adobe Reader Mobile 9) is that they
are interpreted as zero-width spaces

BTW, ARM 9 doesn’t handle zero-width spaces right either. It interprets
them as standard spaces.

> There must be some way to get this into Word...

pandoc may be the way.

I say “may be” instead of “is” because pandoc ignores some attributes
when converting from XHTML

Just in case it helps,


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