[NTG-context] figure caption question

j. van den hoff veedeehjay at googlemail.com
Mon Jan 12 20:47:39 CET 2015


I have some problems with adjusting figure captions. what I want:

1. constant caption width across all figures, possibly identical to text  

2. trailing the auto-incrementing figure number with a fixed character,  
e.g. a `:', while still being able to cross-reference
to the figure without the `:' occuring as part of the reference (i.e. it  
should read "Figure 1: caption_goes_here" and the
cross-reference then should read "see Figure 1" rather than "see Figure  

Using something like

\setupcaptions[width=0.9\textwidth, numberstopper={:}]

sort of works except that cross references than include the  
"numberstopper" `:' in the reference ("see Figure 1:") which is really  
awkward. so how
can this be solved (adjust the numberstopper in the caption without  
affecting how the figure label/number appears in cross-references)?

regarding the caption width it seems that of the predefined keywords (fit,  
broad, max) only the first one is understood correctly (presuming
it means "fit to figure width" -- I did not find an explanation anywhere).  
`width=max' does not maximize the width (rather it is smaller than
with `width=fit' in some of my figures) and `width=broad' throws an error  
("! Missing number, treated as zero" etc.). what am I missing regarding  
these keywords?


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