[NTG-context] how to (re)set section numbers

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Thu Jan 1 20:16:47 CET 2015

On Thu, 01 Jan 2015 20:00:00 +0100, Wolfgang Schuster  
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>> Am 30.12.2014 um 20:01 schrieb j. van den hoff  
>> <veedeehjay at googlemail.com>:
>> I have followed the recommendations how to include unnumbered sections  
>> in the table-of-content along
>> the lines
>> \setuphead[subject]
>>     [incrementnumber=yes,number=no]
>> etc.
>> this works OK if the unnumbered sections are at the end of the  
>> document. otherwise the enumeration of the actually
>> (visibly) numbered sections is messed up (i.e. if a `subject' section  
>> goes, e.g. _before_ all actually enumerated
>> sections, there counters are off by one).
>> question: what is the best way of (re)setting the section counters?  
>> i.e. if the doucment structure is, e.g.,
>> \subject
>> \section
>> \subsection
>> \section
>> \subject
>> I'd like to end up with the ToC containing entries for all subjects and  
>> sections but the numbered sections should occur (in ToC and document)  
>> as 1, 1.1, 2 rather than 2 2.1, 3 (in this example). I was not able to  
>> find a solution in the documenation/wiki.
> Can you send a *working* minimal example.

yes, of course (I presumed this to be not necessary here):

    [incrementnumber=yes, number=no]
    \setuplist[subsection][width=2.25em, margin=1.5em] %`margin' determines  
\subject{this subject messes up the further enumeration of numbered  
\section{this should be sec. 1}
\subsection{this should be subsec. 1.1}
\section{this should be sec. 2}
\subject{this subject does no harm...}

In my real life example the first `subject', e.g., contains a Glossary of  
abbreviations and I want to start the actual enumeration with the body  
text proper (Introduction and onwards), while still listing the glossary  
in the ToC. and I did not find any other (general) solution in the docs,  
how to include unnumbered sections in the ToC...

thx, joerg

> Wolfgang

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