[NTG-context] vertical alignment of table of contents in makeup

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sat Dec 20 23:41:23 CET 2014

On 12/20/2014 03:13 AM, Mark Szepieniec wrote:
> There is a trick mentioned on the wiki for top-aligning the contents of
> a makeup page, namely adding "top=,", which cancels the default value of
> \vss, which is infinitely strechable space.
> However, that doesn't seem to work when the first element in the makeup
> page is \completecontent:

Hi Mark,

this is what it happens when you start a makeup page with a \chapter
command. \chapter inserts a page break before the heading.

> [...]
> Here, the table of contents and the section are both placed on the
> makeup page, but they are centered vertically. If the \completecontent
> line is commented out, the correct vertical alignment of the section
> header is obtained. Is there a way to get top-alignment when a makeup
> page starts with \completecontent? Is this a bug?

As far as I know, this isn’t a bug.

You can disable the page break before chapter with:


This way it works as you intend.

> Or should I even be using makeup pages in my table of contents?

I wonder whether this makes sense at all.

Why do you want or why do you think you need the table of contents
wrapped in a makeup page?

A makeup page is fine for contents such as title pages, colophons or
similar ones. Their contents should fit in a single page, because the
contents won’t be split across pages.

Here you have a sample that shows why makeup pages shouldn’t be used for
table of contents:


I hope it helps,


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