[NTG-context] vertical alignment of table of contents in makeup

Mark Szepieniec mszepien at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 03:13:23 CET 2014

There is a trick mentioned on the wiki for top-aligning the contents of a
makeup page, namely adding "top=,", which cancels the default value of
\vss, which is infinitely strechable space.

However, that doesn't seem to work when the first element in the makeup
page is \completecontent:


% top= here doesn't seem to be working...

Here, the table of contents and the section are both placed on the makeup
page, but they are centered vertically. If the \completecontent line is
commented out, the correct vertical alignment of the section header is
obtained. Is there a way to get top-alignment when a makeup page starts
with \completecontent? Is this a bug?

Or should I even be using makeup pages in my table of contents?

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