[NTG-context] equivalent to \newcommand{...}{\ensuremath{...}}

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 09:42:03 CET 2014

> Am 08.12.2014 um 17:41 schrieb j. van den hoff <veedeehjay at googlemail.com>:
> hi list,
> new to `context' and my first question to the list: how can I achieve the following (`latex') behaviour:
> \newcommand{\km}{\ensuremath{K_m}}
> We can now use \km\ in the body text as well as in this
> \begin{equation}
>   \km = 1
> \end{equation}
> display equation.
> in `context'? I've tried something like
> \def\km{\math{K_m}}
> We can now use \km\ in the body text but get sytnax errors when
> putting it in this
> \startformula
>   \km = 1
> \stopformula
> formula.
> but this fails for obvious reasons (as would using `$$' instead of `ensuremath' in the `latex' case).
> so what I need is a way of defining (potentially complex) math-expressions via some shortcuts/definitions/macros/abbreviations (whatever) which I can then use
> in the formula environment (or whatever it's called in `context'...) as well as in the body text.
> any help appreciated,

In ConTeXt you have to write


but there is not much to gain from this because you can enter math mode in the text with \m{…}.


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