[NTG-context] issue with t-scancsv.lua

Jaroslav Hajtmar hajtmar at gyza.cz
Tue Dec 9 00:45:03 CET 2014

Hi Pablo.
I am glad that my library for you to use ...
I noticed that you have in your CSV file header with column names (ie. 
head of CSV document). I do not know if you noticed the option put this 
information into scancsv.lua library. This is done via the command 
\setheader. In this case library does not consider the first line of the 
CSV file as a data line. From the header of CSV file are now macros 
(from header names) contain later data from rows of the CSV file 
(changing in cycle). In addition, you can also use internal hooks. CSV 
file can even contain macros (must be defined before processing the CSV 

I greet you.
Jaroslav Hajtmar

Example of use hooks etc. eg. Here:


\setuppapersize[C6, landscape]

% Structure of CSV file - you can use macros in CSV table too
% name;address;postcode;city;linecolor
% ME;STREET;0000;HERE;\green;
% You;Square;9999;There;\red;
% we;another Square;111;anyplace;\blue;

% Library is making \name, \address, \postcode, \city and \linecolor macros
% when you using \setheader command.

% Your example:
name: {\linecolor\name}\ -- lowercase name: \lowercasename\crlf
address: \address\ -- upercase address: \uppercaseaddress\crlf
\postcode\ \city\crlf


% My example with hooks:
\ehname \ehaddress \ehpostcode \ehcity %

% My simple example with hooks:

\setsep{;} % set separator
\setheader % set information about header

% process all file

Here is begin of processing...


And here is end....


And now we can use internal hooks:

\def\bch{\bTD } % begin column hook
\def\ech{\eTD} % end column hook
\def\blinehook{\bTR } % begin line hook
\def\elinehook{\eTR} % end line hook
\def\bfilehook{\bTABLE } % begin CSV file hook
\def\efilehook{\eTABLE} % end CSV file hook

Here is begin of processing...

%process all file too (endless cycle)

And here is end....


Printing only specific data:






Another using of hooks:

\def\bch{\bgroup\linecolor\bf } % begin column hook
\def\ech{\egroup,\ } % end column hook
\def\blinehook{Here is new \numline. line of CSV file:\crlf } % begin 
line hook
\def\elinehook{\hairline\par} % end line hook
\def\bfilehook{Here is all CSV file:\blank[2*big] } % begin CSV file hook
\def\efilehook{\par Here is end of file processing\par} % end CSV file hook



Dne 8.12.2014 17:21, Pablo Rodriguez napsal(a):
> Hi Jaroslav,
> many thanks for your reply.
> It works fine here. Let’s see what I can do tomorrow with the real
> documents :-)
> Many thanks for your help again,
> Pablo
> On 12/08/2014 01:56 PM, Jaroslav Hajtmar wrote:
>> Hello Pablo.
>> What do you think of this solution:
>> \usemodule[scancsv]
>> \setuppapersize[C6, landscape]
>> \setuppagenumbering[location=]
>> \unexpanded\def\lineaction{
>> \edef\lcA{\lowercase{\cA}}
>> \edef\ucB{\uppercase{\cB}}
>> cA: \cA -- lowercase cA: \lcA\crlf
>> cB: \cB -- upercase cB: \ucB\crlf
>> cC: \cC -- cD: \cD\crlf
>> \lowercase{AAAA}\crlf
>> \uppercase{bbbb}\crlf
>> \page
>> }
>> \setsep{;}
>> \setfiletoscan{mailmergedatatable.csv}
>> \starttext
>>       \filelineaction
>> \stoptext
>> I greet you
>> Jaroslav Hajtmar

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