[NTG-context] Tikz calendar translation

DesdeChaves desdechaves at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 00:55:42 CET 2014

Dear Sirs

I need to represent a calendar in Portuguese language. You want to use the
Tikz calendar package, but the result is unsatisfactory (please see
attach). The problem is in the translation of the names of months and days
of the week. How can I fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.


%%%% test code




\tikz \calendar [dates=2014-09-01 to 2015-04-31,
month list,month label left,month yshift=1.25em]
if (Sunday) [black!50]
if (between=2012-08-09 and 2012-08-12)[orange]
if (between=2012-06-01 and 2012-06-03)[orange]
if (between=2012-04-05 and 2012-04-07)[orange]
if (between=2012-12-22 and 2012-12-27)[orange]
if (between=2012-09-10 and 2012-09-15)[blue]
if (between=2012-08-17 and 2012-08-21)[blue]
if (between=2012-06-29 and 2012-07-02)[blue]
if (between=2012-05-14 and 2012-05-21)[blue]
if (between=2012-11-02 and 2012-11-09)[darkgreen]
if (between=2012-01-01 and 2012-01-27)[darkgreen]

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