[NTG-context] drops: arbitrary path examples

Peter Rolf indiego at gmx.net
Wed Nov 26 19:56:02 CET 2014


just two example documents I made while testing arbitrary paths with the
'drops' module. I plan to release the module soon, so this is not more
than an appetizer. The code is still messy and unfinished, but I
probably don't have the time to change that. Creating the examples took
away all my free time. Take it as it is or just wait two more years..

Now, before I write down the download link some


   Both documents use a considerable number of graphics
   and can significantly slow down or even freeze your hardware.
   Open the examples at your own risk (especially with products
   from Adobe)!

[whew, just lost 87% of the viewers here]

A 2-3 years old PC should be able to handle the examples in acceptable
time (judging from my hardware). But not only hardware power is needed,
the software can be crucial too.

Viewers tested so far (rating in front), all on Windows 7.

[++] SumatraPDF:
     no problems, lightning speed and very good viewing quality
    (love it!)

[+] PDFExchangeViewer:
     no problems, good speed (you can still watch how the graphics are
     stacked) and viewing quality (color management if off though)

[--] Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro:
     'out of memory' error after three pages (puddle), very slow speed,
     probably best viewing quality

A real shame that the only viewer with problems is from the inventor of
PDF. The 'pile' example from 2012 even crashed the viewer (v10), so this
is still an improvement. Just let me know if there are any general
problems. I will file a bug report then.

Finally, the download link (you have been warned) :-D


Some technical info about the examples:
[sigh, lost all my viewers right here]

 leafs: 150 leafs (six different colored bitmaps), resolution = 300ppi
        based on this graphic (thanks for sharing)

puddle: 200 MP graphics, resolution = 600ppi

Only one shadow graphic is created for the main object (which is also
reused then). Variation comes from scaling/rotation.
The big 'drops' text in Copperplate is a MP graphic, but in theory it
should be possible to add shadows to glyph paths. We will see.

To ensure the readability of the few other text elements, both documents
use the drops module to lighten the underlying background. A simple
'boxshadow' with a bright shadowcolor and a proper radius (maybe plus
some offset) is all you need for that.
This is a feature that I always wanted, way better than editing/creating
the background areas by hand (correct position/size? a lot of try and
error, a real pita). All done on the fly now, which is nice (me lazy).
[OK.. all said, stopping now; so much text for a stupid link]

Have fun,


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