[NTG-context] Trying to force a particular page sequence

Gerben Wierda gerben.wierda at rna.nl
Wed Nov 26 15:57:06 CET 2014

I’m having trouble to produce a particular page sequence, all pages without page numbers:

Title page (I have that)
First left page with a text block in the lower left corner
First right page with a statement centered, 1/3 down

I’ve been trying working with \page, but what I get is

Title page
Empty page (first left)
Right page with text (not yet in the lower left corner
Left page with statement
Right page with page number on top

This is what I have in my prd_book.tex. What is a cleaner way to do this and also one that works? ;-):

\startstandardmakeup \ss
\hairline \start
\leftaligned{bar bar bar bar}%
\hairline \blank[line]
\leftaligned{Foo bar foo bar bar bar bar}%
\hairline \blank[line]\rightaligned{Gerben Wierda}%
Copyright notice (should be lower left on first lefthand side page)
~%otherwise \blank does nothing
\midaligned{Statement, centered first righthand side page}

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