[NTG-context] setupinmargin, setupmargindata ; page numbers ; fonts

Richard Sherman rss.pdx at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 10:14:28 CET 2014

Wolfgang Schuster <schuster.wolfgang <at> gmail.com> writes:

> \setuppagenumbering[style=\ttc]
> \setuplayout[backspace=4cm]
> \showframe
> \setupmarginframed[inmargin][align=flushleft]
> \setupmargindata  [inmargin][style={\switchtobodyfont[ss,18]}]
> % Faster method to switch the font for \inmargin
> %\definefont[InmarginStyle][Sans at 18pt]
> %\setupmargindata[inmargin][style=InmarginStyle]
> \starttext
> \dorecurse{10}
>   {\inmargin{Ward}
>    \input ward\par
>    \inmargin[][align=flushleft]{Knuth}
>    \input knuth\par
>    \inmargin[][align=flushright]{Tufte}
>    \input tufte\par
>    \inmargin[][align=middle]{Zapf}
>    \input zapf\par}
> \stoptext


Thank you, this is beginning to look good. 

Your first method, uncommented, does not work for me. I get an error at 
the first occurrence of \inmargin.

Using the method you commented out, I get what I want. I'm a little 
perplexed at why I can't include align=flushleft as in \setupmargindata[inmargin]
[style=InMarginStyle, align=flushleft]. I'm unable to find any reference 
to \setupmarginframed via Google. 

Using \setuppagenumbering[style=\rmx, location={header, inmargin}, align=right], 
I'm able to get close to what I want, though 'align=right' has no effect.

Oddly (?), my system knows no Ward, nor Tufte, nor Zapf, nor any 
of the rest of them. :)

Thanks, -Richard

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