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Peter Rolf indiego at gmx.net
Mon Nov 24 12:02:58 CET 2014

Am 22.11.2014 um 21:32 schrieb John Kitzmiller:
> Given rectangles with text:
>     \starttext
>     Before:\\
>     \startMPcode
>       draw unitsquare xscaled 2cm yscaled 1cm;  
>     \stopMPcode
>     \\
>     After:\\
>     \startMPcode
>       for i=0 upto 1:
>         draw unitsquare scaled 1cm xshifted i*cm;
>       endfor;
>     \stopMPcode
>     \stoptext
> How can a line be drawn connecting the right edges of the rectangles? I
> have played with:
>     \startuniqueMPgraphic{line}
>       path a;
>       a:=(0,0)--(0,3cm);
>       draw a withpen pencircle scaled 3pt withcolor green;
>     \stopuniqueMPgraphic
>     \defineoverlay[line][{\uniqueMPgraphic{line}}]
> and using it in \framed, but placing the line correctly is elusive.
Just a quick and dirty solution. The trick is to draw the extra line as
part of the graphic and then fake the boundingbox. This is also limited
to a few centimeter, objects are cut off after you reach that
'invisible' border around the boundingbox.

I would use uniqueMPgraphic with proper parameters for the graphics.
Using overlays is also possible (urcorner OverlayBox), but I see no real
need or benefit to do so.

HTH,  Peter
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