[NTG-context] layer letterhead and top down distance

jdh dhenman at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 18:51:53 CET 2014

I am using:   mtx-context     | current version: 2014.10.18 14:30

I am typesetting a simple letterhead for correspondence.

The design calls for only about a 3 to 5 mm distance between the 
physical top of the page and the top of the typeset letterhead.

The pdf view of the output looks good, but an actual printout (and a 
look at a "print preview" with a pdf viewer)  of the generated pdf file 
puts the top of the letterhead about 17 mm (14mm over target size) down 
from the top edge.  This is too much.  I tried adjusting topspace and 
topdistance to 0 didn't seem to have any affect.

  In \setlayer I set     y=3mm
  I tried adjusting  topspace  but it didn't do what I wanted and 
topdistance was already 0.

I am using theh ConText standalone:  mtx-context   version: 2014.10.18 14:30

Here is a simple minimal file.
% Start of minimal example


               rightmargin=2cm, leftmargin=2cm ]

      [Logo]                      % name of the layer we are defining
      [ repeat=yes,
        x=5mm,y=3mm,      % Just what is this?
        hoffset=0mm,voffset=0mm, % and what is this?  ...offset from where?

    \setupTABLE[r][1,2,3][height=5mm,frame=off]  % Put letterhead 
information in here.


               \bTD \eTD \bTD \sc{Company Name}\eTD \bTD 
\sc{info}@\sc{something}.\sc{where} \eTD
                \bTD \eTD \bTD 2059 Forest Ave, Ste X \eTD \bTD 
\sc{www}.\sc{domain}.\sc{topleveldomain} \eTD
             \bTD \eTD \bTD City, Province \eTD \bTD Tel (xxx) 999-1234 \eTD

     ~    % Need `` to avoid a NULL content page so can generate a pdf


% End of minimal example


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