[NTG-context] Fwd: Layer for Letterhead( minimum example)

jdh dhenman at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 08:56:59 CET 2014

SORRY I forgot to attach a minimum example. I'll attach it.
It is a plain text file wit an .mkiv file extension.

I have created a letterhead layer, which works well for the first page
of a multi-page document.  I want it to be repeated for each page of a

How can that be done or does anyone have any pointers or tips on how I
can do that?

Thank You

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% Start of Context Document Example
  [Logo]                      % name of the layer we are defining
    x=0mm, y=0mm,           % x,y coord where center of layer should be.? (=10,10)
    hoffset=0mm,voffset=0mm, % offset from where?  left side? ndn topside?  
    location={right,top}      % relative location withing a layer area


    { \bTABLE[frame=off]
             \bTR  \bTD Company Name \eTD  \eTR
             \bTR  \bTD Address..... \eTD  \eTR


\title{Hello Mr. Smith}

I do hope that all is going well for you.

\dorecurse{5}{\input knuth \par}

% End of Context Document example

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