[NTG-context] Prevent page break in middle of paragraph

Rik rik at panix.com
Fri Oct 17 20:59:04 CEST 2014

On 2014-10-17 12:18, Rik Kabel wrote:
> On 2014-10-16 16:03, Ben Moon wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to get a thesis in a final shape and encounter a page break
>> ("... Über 70 % der pagebreak") in the middle of a paragraph where there
>> still seems to be plenty of space to finish that paragraph.
>> If I add a few lines to the text it works ok. Also "\page[no]" doesn't
>> work or "\vbox" and "\setpenalties\widowpenalties{100}\maxdimen" I
>> couldn't get working neither. Though the last one got closest.
>> Here's the minimal example I could come up with, sorry for it beeing a
>> bit lengthy:
> With the current (2014-10-17) standalone beta the complete paragraph 
> appears on page 2 and section 1.2 begins at the top of the next page. 
> Perhaps there are some simple patches that Hans or others can supply 
> for the version you are using, otherwise an update may be called for.
Sorry, I should have added that I did reproduce your problem with TL14, 
which uses the same version you used, dated 20140521. The problem does 
not exist with the 20140622 beta and later versions I have. I do not 
know at what point the change was made, but it clearly was made very 
shortly after TL14.


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