[NTG-context] first line indents

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 00:33:49 CEST 2014

Am 14.10.2014 um 00:14 schrieb Andrea Valle <valle at di.unito.it>:

> Thanks, that’s what I was thinking but I’m missing something. If I replace  the double white line in knuth.tex with \crlf
> indentation is not applied anymore to the first block.

1. This part is missing in your example below.

2. To end a paragraph insert a blank line or use \par.

> In my source I have this:
> %%%% TYPESET with Mark IV %%%
> \enableregime[utf]

Can be omitted because MkIV expects UTF-8 as default encoding.

> \mainlanguage[it] 
> \language[it]

You don’t need \language here because \mainlanguage already loads the italian hyphenation patterns, the \language
command is only used in the content of your document when you want to load different hyphenation patterns.

> \setupcolors[state=start]

Can be omitted because colors are enabled by default.

> \definepapersize[ZaffiriBook][width=130mm,height=205mm]
> \setuppapersize[ZaffiriBook, portrait][ZaffiriBook, portrait]
> \setuppagenumber[state=stop]
> \setuppagenumbering[location={footer, margin}]
> \setupindenting[yes, medium]
> \setupheads[indentnext=yes]
> \setuptyping
>    [before={\setupbodyfont[6pt]},
>     after={\setupbodyfont[9pt]}]

Use \setuptyping[bodyfont=6pt].

> \usetypescript[palatino]

Can be omitted because the following line load the typescript.

> \setupbodyfont[palatino,9pt]


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