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Robert Blackstone blackstone.robert at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 12:59:17 CEST 2014

Hi all,
When typesetting my project with interaction, sometimes the processing stops after a few runs with an error message that points at an empty line in one of the chapters that normally gives no trouble. 

For interaction this setup is used:

When I comment out the first of these two lines, in other words, without interaction, the project is processed without any problem.
Sometimes, unfortunately not always, when I immediately repeat the processing with interaction, all goes well. 

So what is my problem? Not understanding what might be wrong, and not being able to correct things gives me a feeling of insecurity, trusting Murphy’s law to make sure that processing will fail when my deadline is approaching fast.

I use mkiv on Mac OSX 10.9.4. All my standalone versions from january up to today give the same behaviour.

I mostly get the following  error message:  (occasionally something different happens: the processing gets into some endless loop and I have to abort it)

tex error       > error on line 2314 in file TD-Ch3.tex: ! Attempt to double-free dir node 54467, ignored

\page_shipouts_normal ...box \shipoutscratchbox }}
                                                  \else \page_shipouts_ignor...
\page_boxes_shipout ... {\box \shipoutscratchbox }
                                                  \fi \setnextrealpageno \th...
\page_otr_construct_and_shipout ...cted_page #1#2}
\page_sides_output_routine_nop ...de_float_output 
                                                  \global \d_page_sides_vsiz...
\page_sides_output_routine ..._output_routine_nop 
\page_otr_triggered_output_routine ...and_routine 

2304     {\externalfigure[LegrenIoViLasfa]}{}
2305     {\externalfigure[LegrenIoViLasfi**]}{}%LegrenIoViLasfi* voor verbeterde versie
2306     \stopcombination
2309     %{\externalfigure[LegrenIoViLastot]}  
2310     %Ex. 3.70 Legrenzi\index[Legrenzi]{Legrenzi, Giovanni}, aria \quote{Io vi lascio}
2313     Of course the major 6th should also be played upon the {\em a}  in b.~3.
2314 >>  
2316            A number of major 6ths occur in the first section of Frescobaldi\index[Frescobaldi]{Frescobaldi, Girolamo}'s \quote{Capriccio sopra La Sol Fa Mi Re Ut} %\footnote{Frescobaldi\index[Frescobaldi]{Frescobaldi, Girolamo}, {\em Il primo libro di capricci} (Rome, 1624), ME (Milan, 1984), 9.}
2317             (\in{Ex.}[fig:FrescCaprLaSolFaMiReUtfi]).\footnote{\dcite{Frescobaldi:1984blb}, 9.} All sharps are used above respectively the descending bass progressions {\em e'}$\xrightarrow[none]${\em d'}, with {\em \sharp c''}; {\em a}$\xrightarrow[none]${\em g}, with {\em \sharp f''}, %G\sharp, 
2318             and {\em B}$\xrightarrow[none]${\em A}   with {\em \sharp g'}. %G\sharp.
2321     \placeexample[force][fig:FrescCaprLaSolFaMiReUtfi]{Frescobaldi\index[Frescobaldi]{Frescobaldi, Girolamo}, \quote{Capriccio sopra La Sol Fa Mi Re Ut}, bb.~7-15}
2322     {\externalfigure[FrescCaprLaSolFaMiReUtfi*]}%* voor compr
2323     %Ex. 3.71 Frescobaldi\index[Frescobaldi]{Frescoba 


Does anybody have any idea what is wrong here? (I should add that when I comment out or hide this passage the error moves to the next passage and so on.)

Best regards,
Robert Blackstone
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