[NTG-context] Scientific paper boiler plate

Joshua Krämer joshua.kraemer at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 15:18:17 CEST 2014

On 2014-09-12, 2:40, Kip Warner wrote:

> I'd like to write a short scientific paper describing an algorithm I
> discovered in the realm of computational geometry a few years ago
> before I forget it entirely. I've been meaning to do this for some
> time, but haven't had a chance. I'd like to use ConTeXt. 
> Does anyone have a sample source I could take a look at as a starting
> point? I will need to typeset some figures, pseudo code, references,
> etc. and this all takes much less time when someone much more clever
> than I, like Wolfgang or Hans already has a similar environment file
> and such setup.

At the moment, I am writing my MD thesis using ConTeXt.  I have
equations, figures, tables, diagrams, references.  There is also Lua
code embedded to prepare data tables from CSV files, round values etc.
Of course, there is a lot in my files that you will not need.  The
organization of my files  (preamble files, chapter files) may not
be suitable for your project.  The format of my document (thesis)
may not be what you want (journal article?).  On these grounds, I do not
think it is a good idea to take the files from somebody else and alter
them.  I know this is common in the LaTeX community, and I have seen
many times that it leads to inconsistent settings, conflicting packages
and other problems.  Instead, I suggest you to start with an empty file
and add everything *you* need.  However, if you really want, I can try
to strip down my files and send you a basic sample.

Kind regards,
Joshua Krämer

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