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Werner Hintze w.hintze at posteo.eu
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Aha. I see. So it may work. But I just recalled how to achieve the same 
result with Latex and Memoir... And I decided to sleep one night and if 
then my feeling ist the same as now, I'll turn back to Latex. I’m too 
stupid for such a complicated tool as ConTeXt. I know that it is much 
better als Latex, but I don’t understand it. It’s now a year that I 
use it frequently and I have the impression that I made not a single 
step forward.

Let’s see what the morning brings and says ;)

Thank you all for all your help!


On 28 Aug 2014, at 18:53, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:

> Am 28.08.2014 um 18:17 schrieb Werner Hintze <w.hintze at posteo.eu>:
>> Sorry. I don’t understand. If I use maxwidth (line 2 without the 
>> %), I get just one truncated line of the text. But I’d like to have 
>> all the text, somewhat indented on both sides, but not truncated.
>> But why is the text without maxwidth indented on the right?
> When you enable the pagenumber context puts some space between the 
> number and the text.
> \definelist[chaptertext]
> \setuplist [chaptertext][margin=2em,pagecommand=\gobbleoneargument]
> %\setuplist [chaptertext][margin=2em,pagenumber=no]
> \starttext
> \placelist[chapter,chaptertext]
> \chapter{This is a chapter}
> \writetolist[chaptertext]{}{\input ward }
> \stoptext
> Wolfgang
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