[NTG-context] Intsalling modules - once more

Werner Hintze w.hintze at posteo.eu
Mon Aug 18 19:03:42 CEST 2014

On 18 Aug 2014, at 18:17, Aditya Mahajan wrote:

> MkIV will not load .mkii files. What is the exact command that you use 
> to run context?

Aha! You found the point! I use Texnicle as editor and the context 
engine Texnicle provides. It calls texexec... But it’s not enough to 
put here context. The problem remains, that I get the message, that 
fancy break is undefined.

OK. That’s enough. I stay with the stand alone version. I don’t know 
why, but it works.

(It was just the point that I have two times context on my hard disk. I 
could delete LaTeX, but I fell the moment apporaching when I turn back 
to LaTeX. It’s a pity... Context is by far the better system – in 
all points but one: If one don’t know how to use it, one will never 

Anyway: Thanks for the help.


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