[NTG-context] Center alignment within TABLE

Idris Samawi Hamid ادريس سماوي حامد ishamid at colostate.edu
Mon Aug 18 07:15:29 CEST 2014

Dear syndicate,

I'm stumped trying to get the first two cells of the following TABLE  
aligned to the center:


\bTR \bTD \Glyphbox{I}{a}{1} \eTD
      \bTD \Glyphbox{I}{a}{1} \eTD
\bTR \bTD \Glyphbox{III}{aaa}{111} \eTD
      \bTD \Glyphbox{III}{aaa}{111} \eTD

See also attached pdf. No what I've tried (\setupTABLE) the first two  
cells remain flushleft. Even with


the two cells in the top row remain flushleft. Thanks in advance for any  
advice and

Best wishes
Idris Samawi Hamid
Professor of Philosophy
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523
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