[NTG-context] Citation Sort Order

Rik rik at panix.com
Thu Aug 7 22:22:36 CEST 2014

On 2014-08-07 13:20, Thangalin wrote:
> The documentation (http://www.ntg.nl/maps/26/12.pdf) suggests that the
> order of citations can be changed using "sorttype=cite".
> The example code below writes a 6 in the document. I thought by
> setting the sorttype to "cite" that the bibliography order would be
> determined based on the order that the "cite" macros occur in the
> document.
> If I have understood correctly, then the sample document should write
> a 1 in the document.
> Any idea why 6 is written instead of 1?
> Thank you.

Reverse the order of the last two entries in your bib file and rerun the 
example. You will no longer have 6 and will now have a significant clue 
about why the 6 appeared the first time.

Now change the line




rerun, and examine the result.

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