[NTG-context] filter module: before print, it puts new line

Xan dxpublica at telefonica.net
Mon Jul 28 13:29:58 CEST 2014


I run this code:


    [filtercommand={python \externalfilterinputfile\space > \externalfilteroutputfile},cache=force]


Resol les equacions següents i comprova'n la solució
\item $3x + 2 = 35$
\item $11x – 18 = 4$
\item $56x + 33 = -23$
\item $5x + 25 = 125$


\item \startpython
from sympy.solvers import solve
from sympy import Symbol
from sympy import Eq

x = Symbol('x')
for solucio in solve(Eq(3*x + 2, 35), x):



with the result of new line after "(a)." and "11" (the solution of the equation).

I attach the pdf.

How can avoid this behaviour?

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