[NTG-context] placeformula and startmathcases give no numbered formula

Pol Stra ryzz at hotmail.fr
Sat Jul 26 13:02:55 CEST 2014


I know there is troubles with formula numbering (according to the wiki) but 
this one is not in the list:

When I use smartmathcase in a placeformula context, the formula is not 
numbered and reference to the formula in the text doesn't work.



This gives the numbered \in{formula}[myFormula].

		f(x) = a x + b

… but this gives the unnumbered \in{formula}[myBraceFormula].

		f(x) = \startmathcases
	   \NC x, \NC if $0 \le x \le \frac12$ \NR
	   \NC 1-x ,\NC if $\frac12 \le x \le 1$ \NR

This is just for info, I changed my text so I don't need to refer to my 

Best regards,

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