[NTG-context] project structure

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Jul 26 11:01:15 CEST 2014


There is a new experimental feature (one of the side effects of 
discussions with Alan about bibliographies and using distributed files 
in a project structure).

Say that you have this:

test1.tex : uses \component one/test2

one/test2.tex : uses \component two/test3

etc. There can be resources under one/two that test3 needs and one way 
out is to add this path to the used paths. Doing that automatically can 
result in side effects when multiple resources with the same name are used.

However, we now have a concept of the local job path, so when test2 is 
read the jobfile: prefix will use path one, and when reading test3, that 
prefix will trigger one/two usage.

For this to work, one has to say:


To what extent this all works out well is to be tested.


ps. file loading related code is somewhat complex because we also need 
to support tds/kpse like searching; normally such more direct lookups 
kick in early (there are more prefixes and urls are also kind of special)

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