[NTG-context] Styling References

Malte Stien malte at stien.de
Mon Jul 14 13:58:52 CEST 2014


I need to style my references to SOME section/subsection/subsubsection differently. Here is an example:

There are lots of animals such as \about[ducks] and \about[bears].
More about this can be found in Chapter~\about[introduction].

Some information about ducks...

Some information about baers...


I am happy for the reference to the Introduction chapter to be in regular type with quotes, but I would like to render the references to Ducks and Baers in italics without the quotes. Note, that I do not require for ConTeXt to pick one or the other style automatically based on the section (that would be pretty complicated, I suppose). I am happy to ‘hint’ it when I make the reference. So, for example, I am happy to replace the first like with 

There are lots of animals such as \animalabout[ducks] and \animalabout[bears].

...but so far I have been unsuccessful in creating such a \animalabout command. I looked at \definereferenceformat which gets rid of the quotes, but I can’t make it go italics. I also looked at \setupreferencing, but that seems to affect ALL \abouts.

Any clues?
Thank you,

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