[NTG-context] latest beta, problem with natural tables and alignment character

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Jun 17 17:18:23 CEST 2014

On 6/16/2014 11:51 PM, Brian Landy wrote:
> Hi, I was testing the latest beta (2014.06.15) and noticed I am getting incorrect output using natural tables with alignment characters.  I produced a small example that demonstrates the problem, and attached output created with the version I'm testing (bad.pdf) and my prior version (good.pdf, ConTeXt 2013.06.10).  You can see in the bad file that ConTeXt doesn't properly align on the "-" and it introduces spurious spaces.

i assume you haven't updated in a while as this is not something last 
beta specific

the alignment code has been redone some time ago (the general mechanism 
is more clever now) and it was mostly made for aligning numbers (not so 
much for your case as - is seen as minus)

anyhow, i made it work a bit better with tables (extra pass needed)



     \bTR \bTD  1,2   \eTD \bTD  1,2  \eTD \bTD xxx \eTD \eTR
     \bTR \bTD - 1,2  \eTD \bTD -1,2  \eTD \bTD xxx \eTD \eTR
     \bTR \bTD -1,2   \eTD \bTD -1,2  \eTD \bTD xxx \eTD \eTR
     \bTR \bTD 11,2   \eTD \bTD 11,2  \eTD \bTD xxx \eTD \eTR
     \bTR \bTD 11,224 \eTD \bTD 11,22 \eTD \bTD xxx \eTD \eTR

     \bTR \bTD  1-2    \eTD \bTD  1\endash2    \eTD\bTD xxx \eTD \eTR
     \bTR \bTD  1-2    \eTD \bTD  1\endash2    \eTD\bTD xxx \eTD \eTR
     \bTR \bTD  1-2    \eTD \bTD  1\endash2    \eTD\bTD xxx \eTD \eTR
     \bTR \bTD 11-2    \eTD \bTD 11\endash2    \eTD\bTD xxx \eTD \eTR
     \bTR \bTD 11-22 + \eTD \bTD 11\endash22 + \eTD\bTD xxx \eTD \eTR


the next beta can handle this


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