[NTG-context] hyperlinks within a PDF

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 08:18:03 CEST 2014

Am 16.06.2014 um 03:11 schrieb Robert Zydenbos <context at zydenbos.net>:

> Forgive me for what must seem a beginners’ question, but I really could not find the solution in the documentation or the Wiki:
> How do I create hyperlinks within a PDF to another spot in the text of that same PDF? I had expected I could do something like:
> Here is a \goto{link}[label:1].
> \label[label:1]{This is what the link points to.}
> -- but I cannot find anything that resembles this in the documentation.

References for floats and sections can be set with the reference key while additional references
in the text can be set with the \reference, \textreference or \pagereference commands.




\startchapter[referemce=sec:sectionlabel,title=Dummy chapter]

\input knuth

\startplacefigure[reference=fig:figurelabel,title=Dummy figure]


This is a page reference\pagereference[ref:pagereference]


This is a text reference \textreference[ref:textreference]{Text reference}


This is a normal reference \reference[ref:reference]{Normal reference}


The is a \goto{link}[sec:sectionlabel] to \in{chapter}[sec:sectionlabel] on \at{page}[sec:sectionlabel].

The is a \goto{link}[fig:figurelabel] to \in{figure}[fig:figurelabel] on \at{page}[fig:figurelabel].

The is a \goto{link}[ref:pagereference] to \in[ref:pagereference] on \at{page}[ref:pagereference].

The is a \goto{link}[ref:textreference] to \in[ref:textreference] on \at{page}[ref:textreference].

The is a \goto{link}[ref:reference] to \in[ref:reference] on \at{page}[ref:reference].




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