[NTG-context] sections

Pablo Rodriguez oinos at gmx.es
Sun Jun 1 20:18:34 CEST 2014

Hi Hans,

I found out that the issue I wrote about in my previous message is about
widow and orphan lines.

Here is the sample:

    \dorecurse{103}{\ConTeXt\ is fun! }


    \ConTeXt\ is fun!

Many thanks for your excellent work,


On 06/01/2014 01:51 PM, Hans Hagen wrote:
> Hi Pablo,
> The section breaks are a bit of a headache. In the old mechanism (also 
> mkii) we used penalties between different section levels (different 
> values so that there is some hierarchy).
> In mkiv we have a weighted penalty/glue mechanism which has advantages 
> but can also create side effects. The method of a few weeks ago coul 
> deal with
> \section followed by 100 \subsections
> i.e. no text between this. In a strict mechanism you end up with one 
> long page fur to all the penalties. So, there was some precaution for 
> this. However that didn't work well with content following sections that 
> prefers breaks (read: section head followed by e.g. itemize or tabulate).
> So, the newer mechanism tries to analyze the page stream which 
> (currently) is somewhat tricky. That's why we need to iterate to an 
> acceptable solution.
> Some of these mkiv mechanisms are already a bit old and could be done 
> better using some newer luatex trickery (but i need tome to do that).
> It would be nice to have a large test case for this (sort of hard to 
> make one as some trial and error is involved). As you already have some, 
> best collect them for future reference.
> A new beta ...
> Hans


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