[NTG-context] Experience with DITA XML or XSL/FO

Mica Semrick mica at silentumbrella.com
Sun May 25 10:15:15 CEST 2014

Hi Jan,

>What is your real use case? A typical XML based workflow involves XSL-FO ->
>PDF route using FO processor (Antenna House, XEP, FOP etc).

I'm looking to use DITA to publish a literary journal. The journal will contain contributions from multiple authors. I also want to publish works by single authors. I won't make enough (or any) money to justify the very expensive license for Antenna House or XEP, thus they are not really an option. I find FOP to be really sub par. 

My basic work flow would have to be DITA XML > DITA OpenToolkit (build process) > ??? > ConTeXt > PDF, where ??? could be some Toolkit XML output, XHTML, HTML5, FO.

>Anyway, there are several ways. If you are not locked to DITA yet, I would
>strongly recommend switching to DocBook instead :-) 

The DocBook vocabulary does not fit my needs. TEI is much closer to what I want, but I'm already familiar with DITA. 

>This XSLT way is most natural for XML processing, but I understand that
>writing XSLT transformation is discouraging for many people.

Yes, I'm generally OK with working with XSLT. DITA has a build system, called the DITA OpenToolkit that is build with Ant, a bit of java, and XSLT. You can see the toolkit here: http://dita-ot.github.io/

The Toolkit already supports PDF output via FOP, but as I said, FOP leaves quite a bit to be desired. 


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