[NTG-context] I'm too studpid for Context...

Werner Hintze we.hintze at gmail.com
Fri May 23 19:14:33 CEST 2014

I believe, it is possible to use in Conext the otf-fonts I have in my 
computer. I generated the database, the quert shows me, that the font is 
there, but I can not get it in my file. And when I read the chapter in 
the Manual or whatever I can find, I read a lot about Typescripts and 
unterstand absolutely nothing. I find how to make a typescript for 
palatino, which makes no difference, but I don’t unterstand why I 
shall make a typescript and how.

Is there a text which tells step by step what I have to so and why? Now 
the situation is: I have a lot of Fonts and can use just four. That was 
much easier with LaTeX...

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