[NTG-context] pdf X/1-a:2001 format for print output.

Peter Rolf indiego at gmx.net
Thu May 22 17:59:31 CEST 2014

Am 22.05.2014 16:07, schrieb john Culleton:
> The above format is required for pdf files
> containing color for many American printers. I am
> looking for the minimal case. In the wiki there
> is an example:
> \setupbackend
>   [format=PDF/X-1a:2001,
>    intent=SWOP2006_Coated3v2.icc]
> Is this sufficient? Or must I also use this
> code:

They are not needed in PDF/X. But its good to be able to search PDF
documents for a specific author or a title. No metadata, no search
result pointing to your document.

> \setupinteraction
>   [title=TITLE,
>    subtitle=SUBTITLE,
>    author=AUTHOR,
>    keyword={{KEYWORD1, KEYWORD2}, KEYWORD3}]
> I don't see the relationship of this last example
> to non-interactive pdf X/1-a:2001 output for
> print. 

Well, there is none. You set the metadata via '\setupinteraction'.
That's all.
Interactive features (like links) are even forbidden in PDF/X-1a. Also
no transparency and no RGB colors.

HTH,  Peter

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