[NTG-context] MathML in ConTeXt conforming to MathML3?

Meer, H. van der H.vanderMeer at uva.nl
Wed May 21 20:09:04 CEST 2014

Does the MathML in ConText conforms to the MathML3 specification? (see http://www.w3.org/TR/MathML3/chapter5.html)

I find that with \usemodule[mathml]
(1)	<semantics><annotation encoding="application/x-tex">TeX-code</annotation></semantics> does not typesets, but 
(2)	<semantics><annotation encoding="tex">TeX-code</annotation></semantics> does.

As I understand from the specification, (1) should have been correct, but does not processes the TeX and the attribute "application/x-tex" seems not to be recognized. Does ConTeXt-MathML deviates in this respect from the current standard? Or do I miss some important fact?

Hans van der Meer

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