[NTG-context] LuaTeX-plain File Database Problem

AĆ­re Funvake aire.funvake at gmail.com
Thu May 15 22:54:38 CEST 2014

Hi all,

Never felt so incompetent in my life -- just cannot get LuaTeX to
find fonts or `*.tex` files for use with `\input <filename>`, or
`font\xxx = <font-or-filename>`. Even though, these commands were
executed (all I could find):

   mtxrun --script base --generate
   luatools --generate
   context --generate
   mtxrun --script fonts --update --force
   mtxrun --script fonts --udpate --simple

Tried putting files in (in the roots and subdirectories):


Checked if the file could be found:

   luatools --find-file xxxx.tex   <--- finds it
   luatools --find-file xxx.otf    <--- finds it
   mtxrun --locate xxxx.tex        <--- finds it
   mtxrun --locate xxx.otf         <--- finds it
   kpsewhich/where                 <--- finds only if in `~/texmf`

In .tex file (even when files are in `~/texmf` dir):

   \input xxxx  or xxxx.tex        <--- no luck
   \font\myfont = name:xxxx        <--- no luck
   \font\myfont = file:xxxx.otf    <--- no luck

Sorry, but reading and searching for hours did not bring any solu-
tion. Not sure if there is a configuration file like `texmf.cnf` or
 the `context.cnf` that must be modified, or and environment var-
iable like `TEXMFHOME` (default seems to be `~/texmf`, and that's
OK, if only it would only work).

Sorry to spam this list with questions which may seem very
fundamental to you. Hope to be able to reciprocate sometime.
What am I missing?

Thank you kindly,

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