[NTG-context] LuaTeX-plain OpenType Features Select

Philipp Gesang philipp.gesang at alumni.uni-heidelberg.de
Thu May 15 18:29:06 CEST 2014

···<date: 2014-05-15, Thursday>···<from: Aíre Funvake>···
> On Wed May 14 00:16:54 2014, Philipp Gesang wrote:
> > That’s correct. The “color” key triggers a custom callback that
> > tints every glyph of the defined font. It’s part of Luaotfload
> > solely for compatibility for Xetex. IMO it’s not worth the
> > hassle; I recommend using a proper color package instead.
> >
> Thank you for the kind advice, Philipp. Is there a color package
> that works with ConTeXt's luatex-plain.fmt that you can suggest?

Never tried that, sorry. Have you searched CTAN? If that leads
nowhere I recommend asking on http://tex.stackexchange.com.


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