[NTG-context] external figure not functioning propertly for jpg

hwitloc at gmail.com hwitloc at gmail.com
Sun May 11 12:58:37 CEST 2014

externalfigure only works properly with  pdf files (I tried with .gif and .jpg files).

The jpg file with the frame=on showed a one page blank huge frame and no image.

Used: the  MKIV engine  / ConTeXt Process Management 0.60

I should think that "external figure should work with jpg for sure.

Minimal example using a jpeg file having a 65 x 72 pixels image
\externalfigure[dainienzan-logo.pdf]              % This works no problem
\externalfigure[dainienzan-logo.jpg][frame=on]    % Big empty frame and no image
\externalfigure[dainienzan-logo.jpg][width=2cm]   % Specifhing a width makes it work
\stoptext                                         % but it should work without width=x


Note: this works as is with a pdf image.  Why doesn't it for a jpg file?

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