[NTG-context] LuaTeX-Plain and OTF/TTF Fonts

Aire Funvake aire.funvake at gmail.com
Tue May 6 16:49:10 CEST 2014

Dear Group,  

Thank you for your time. I'm starting out with TeX/ConTeXt, but
want to arrive via LuaTeX (`luatex-plain.tex/fmt`). Managed to
build, move and use `luatex-plain`. Have the same problem under
MacOSX & Win7 (here is the Win-specific decription -- `%CTX%` is
my ConTeXt root):

Placed some fonts under `%CTX%\tex\texmf-fonts\otf\minion\` &
`%CTX%\tex\texmf-fonts\otf\myriad`. Executed, the following
commands, recognising there might be redundancy, but not sure):

    mtxrun --script fonts --update --force
    mtxrun --script fonts --update --simple
    mtxrun --script fonts --update
    mtxrun --script fonts --list --pattern=minion


    minionpro             minionprobold      MinionPro-Bold.otf
    minionprobold         minionprobold      MinionPro-Bold.otf
    minionproboldit       minionproboldit    MinionPro-BoldIt.otf
    minionprobolditalic   minionproboldit    MinionPro-BoldIt.otf
    minionproit           minionproit        MinionPro-It.otf
    minionproitalic       minionproit        MinionPro-It.otf
    minionpronormal       minionproit        MinionPro-It.otf
    minionproregular      minionproregular   MinionPro-Regular.otf

`hello.tex` - luatex-plain test file:

    %[luatex-plain] Hello
    font\T =minionproregular at 12pt\T
    Hello world.


    luatex-plain hello.tex


    fonts : font with asked name 'minionproregular'  
      is not found using lookup 'name'
    fonts : unknown font 'minionproregular', loading aborted
    ! Font \ch=minionproregular at 12pt not loadable:  
      metric data not found or bad.

Looked in `%CTX%\tex\texmf-cache\luatex-cache\generic\fonts\data`
at the file `luatex-font-names.lua`. The fonts were listed. Then
deleted the `luatex-font-names.luc` file, added the full paths
to the fonts in front of all the file names in the `.lua` file.

Running `luatex-plain hello.tex` again, works now as expected (it
seems to recreate the `luatex-font-names.luc` automatically).

Setting `OSFONTDIR` before font update and/or before running
`luatex-plain`, have no observable effect.

So, I do have a manual fix/solution. But is there an easier way?

Thanks in advance,  

Aíre Funvake

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