[NTG-context] \pm set too low in MkIV?

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at MIT.EDU
Tue May 6 16:22:56 CEST 2014

Continuing my recent theme of finding glyphs too low or too high:

The \pm symbol looks like it is set too low, in MkIV.


The minus part of the sign lies below the baseline, which looks odd
relative to the horizontal stroke of the "2."

In MkII it is fine, as is the equivalent latex or plain tex (using

I don't know whether the problem lis in the font metrics or in the
positioning by MkIV, because I haven't yet been able to convince tex,
latex, lualatex, or luatex to use the same font (LM math).

In MkIV, the font is  (from pdffonts):

  NSOXNN+LatinModernMath-Regular       CID Type 0C       Identity-H

Can anyone confirm the problem?


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