[NTG-context] \mathextensible{"21FE}

Elspeth McGullicuddy elspethmcgullicuddy at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 00:43:34 CEST 2014

In about.pdf on can see that U+21FE (rightarrowtriangle) is eligible
for use with \mathextensible.
When one look at the code for \mathextensible in "math-stc.mkvi", one
can see there is a mechanism of fallback.
So, since the character is implemented in "xits", there might be a way
to have "\mathextensible{"21FE} to work...


On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 11:25 PM, Wolfgang Schuster
<schuster.wolfgang at gmail.com> wrote:
> Am 24.04.2014 um 23:06 schrieb Elspeth McGullicuddy <elspethmcgullicuddy at gmail.com>:
>> Thanks for the answer,
>> I wanted to use to use the mechanism described in "about.pdf" for
>> extensible arrows with possibly text above, under...
>> I've had a look at the "xits-math.tma".
>> Though U+2194 and U+21FE are both arrows, U+2194 has an "horizontal
>> part" field in contrast to U+21FE how hasn't.
>> So I guess the "otf" font might be the culprit.
>> And meddle with fonts is impossible a task.
>> For the present I will content myself with something like
>> \math{\overset{f}{-\kern-1ex\rightarrowtriangle}}
>> There might be a better way to achieve that in Context, I don't know.
> \setupbodyfont[xits]
> \starttext
> \starttabulate[|l|lm|]
> \NC \tex{overleftarrow}          \NC \overleftarrow{top}           \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{overrightarrow}         \NC \overrightarrow{text}         \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{overleftrightarrow}     \NC \overleftrightarrow{text}     \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{overtwoheadleftarrow}   \NC \overtwoheadleftarrow{text}   \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{overtwoheadrightarrow}  \NC \overtwoheadrightarrow{text}  \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{texoverleftharpoondown} \NC \overleftharpoondown{text}    \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{overleftharpoonup}      \NC \overleftharpoonup{text}      \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{overrightharpoondown}   \NC \overrightharpoondown{text}   \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{overrightharpoonup}     \NC \overrightharpoonup{text}     \NC\NR
> \TB
> \NC \tex{underleftarrow}         \NC \underleftarrow{text}         \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{underrightarrow}        \NC \underrightarrow{text}        \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{underleftrightarrow}    \NC \underleftrightarrow{text}    \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{undertwoheadleftarrow}  \NC \undertwoheadleftarrow{text}  \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{undertwoheadrightarrow} \NC \undertwoheadrightarrow{text} \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{underleftharpoondown}   \NC \underleftharpoondown{text}   \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{underleftharpoonup}     \NC \underleftharpoonup{text}     \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{underrightharpoondown}  \NC \underrightharpoondown{text}  \NC\NR
> \NC \tex{underrightharpoonup}    \NC \underrightharpoonup{text}    \NC\NR
> \stoptabulate
> \stoptext
> Wolfgang
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