[NTG-context] Line number in "tex error"

Mikael P. Sundqvist mickep at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 22:05:17 CEST 2014


When running the five lines long file

Bla bla
Bla bla

through context I get the error below (the foo in the blank is there
to get an error, see the attached log file for the full log file).

My question is why is context first telling me that the error is on
line 8 and not 3? (In this particular example this is not a problem,
but I'd like to grep for errors in the log file when running through
the editor). I see that the error is later said to be at line 3...


====== STARTERROR ======
tex error       > error on line 8 in file /home/mickep/tmp/err.tex: !
Missing number, treated as zero

<to be read again>
<argument> f
\addaskedblankskip ..._vspacing_temp #1\dimexpr #2
l.8 }

\ctxcommand #12-\directlua {commands.#1}

\spac_vspacing_yes_indeed ...mand {vspacing("#1")}
l.3 \blank[foo]

1     \starttext
2     Bla bla
3     \blank[foo]
4     Bla bla
5     \stoptext

====== STOPERROR ======
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